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About US

Taizhou Tianqin Mould & Plastics Co., Ltd. , an enterprise with integrated features of mould design, manufacturing, processing and products molding, mainly providing compression moulds for thermosetting composite plastics SMC, BMC, DMC and injection moulds for thermoplastic PP, ABS, PC, etc..

Main Mould Category:
*Mould for SMC auto parts:
heavy-duty truck bumper, fairing, instruments panel, fender, lamp reflecting cover, radiator protection board, automotive air conditioner shell, engine cover, etc.

*Mould for kitchenware & sanitary ware:
bathromm unit accessories, bathtub, shower tray, toilet seat cover, ceiling, sink, basin, etc.

*Mould for electrical appliances:
switch box, meter box, power distribution box, cable branch box, railway signal box, cable box, air cooler shell, insulating parts, etc.

*Mould for transportation & sports:
antiglare shield, basketball board, table-tennis table board, train seat, train wall, manhole cover, etc.

*Mould for military products:
PE/KEVLAR bulletproof helmet, bulletproof armor, bulletproof shield, missile box, magazine, transmitter support, etc.

*Mould for other construction & industrial supplies:
water tank, trash can, dustbin, industrial helmet, carbon fiber product, etc.



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