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About US

Taizhou Tianqin Mould & Plastics Co., Ltd. , an enterprise with integrated features of mould design, manufacturing,

Main Mould Category:
*Mould for SMC auto parts:
heavy-duty truck bumper, fairing, instruments panel, fender, lamp reflecting cover, radiator protection board, automotive air conditioner shell, engine cover, etc.

*Mould for kitchen bathroom products:
bathromm unit accessories, bathtub, shower tray, toilet stool, ceiling, sink, basin, etc.

*Mould for electrical appliances:
switch box, meter box, cable branch box, railway signal box, cable box, air cooler shell, insulating parts, etc.

*Mould for transportation sports:
antiglare shield, basketball board, table-tennis table board, train seat, manhole cover, trash can, dustbin, etc.

*Mould for military products:
PE/KEVLAR bulletproof helmet, bulletproof armour, bulletproof shield, missile wing, magazine, transmitter support, tear gas shell, etc.

*Other mould for composite product:
RTM mould, laminating mould, mould for carbon fiber product, water tank mould, etc.



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